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Content Creativity


To get closer to your customers and attract more traffic is to have enough engaging content. CLIVE will locate your target audience according to your business, and then create the content that they would like to see, so that your business can be seen by more customers.

Strategy & Planning


If you are struggling to find a way to get your product out there and are inexperienced in marketing, CLIVE can help you:Develop and implement a business campaign plan & social media marketing plan.

Multicultural Marketing


Our team is diverse and familiar with both the Chinese and Australian markets, custom marketing can connect your business to different cultural environments to maximize the benefits.

Social Media Operation

Clive’s professional social media operation involves many popular platforms at home and abroad, including: Douyin/Tik Tok, RED, WeChat Official Accounts, WeChat Channels, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In several well-known social platforms, in addition to professional content output, we also have rich account cooperation resources and operational experience to help you accomplish the development goals of promotion, marketing, interaction and packaging. At the same time, according to the characteristics of the platform and the needs of customers, we adopt a personalized strategy.

Through professional social media operation, we will help you improve brand awareness, enhance the stickiness and identity of your target audience, build corporate brand connotation, and gain sustainable and effective revenue.

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Influencer Cultivation

We provide short-video IP cultivation and brokerage services to seize the pulse of ever-changing trends, help clients create pop-ups, cultivate short-video talents, and promote the commercialization of IPs for added value.

Nowadays, the infinite potential and vast market behind the rise of net celebrities is an important opportunity for many enterprises not to be missed, and a career choice for many new media talents.

We provide comprehensive help and support, starting from pre-mining, image positioning, account promotion, video planning and platform operation. At the same time, we have rich netizen resources and establish a professional netizen exchange platform to facilitate internal communication and help newcomers to the network to quickly establish a network of contacts.

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Video Creation

Clive Media has a professional videography and post-editing team, which can not only provide you with a full range of videography services, but also complete professional videos with different styles and purposes according to the requirements and platform characteristics.

With the rapid development of all kinds of short videos and social media platforms, Clive will always keep you in front of the market trend through its professional video photography technology.

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Online Marketing Strategy

At Clive Media, we are not just responsible for the content output.

We have professional marketers to help you with preliminary market research and analysis; provide marketing mix strategy planning according to your requirements, and determine branding and positioning to achieve the best marketing results.

From users, opponents, strengths and weaknesses, to market expectations, development status, and historical summaries, Clive Media combines professional experience with accurate data analysis to uncover every possibility in the market, identify opportunities and avoid weaknesses, so that you can better face the many challenges in the market and find a shortcut to development.

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Event Coordination

Clive Media has a lot of experience in organizing online and offline events, and can effectively coordinate all channels and links to ensure that the event is held and combined with the many media channels available today to increase the heat and publicity effect of the event.

Based on the client’s requirements and budget, we start from the preliminary planning of the event and completes the preliminary preparation work including personnel, venue, equipment and materials; at the same time, relying on its own network and resources, and comprehensive media operation experience, it carries out multiform, multi-channel and multi-platform publicity, regardless of geographical restrictions, to fully create momentum and achieve the optimal publicity and promotion effect.

After the completion of the event, Clive Media will provide a complete record of the event in a responsible manner, and according to the actual situation, conduct professional analysis and complete a closing report, so that customers can easily understand the situation of the event so that you do not have to worry about.

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Business Cooperation

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