In 2019, a group of passionate and creative young individuals came together to embark on a new journey in Melbourne. We are committed to strategic integrated marketing in both the mainland Chinese and local Melbourne markets.

Currently, we collaborate with leading Australian developers, real estate, education, tourism, dining, fitness, and wine industries. We provide mutually beneficial marketing solutions for brands and clients.

We have evolved from a video production company into a social media agency, but our mission has never changed. We listen to our clients’ needs, establish the most effective marketing solutions within your budget, and position your business to the public, achieving your digital business goals.

Our Services

We are committed to delivering transformative digital marketing performance and management for our clients and partners. Tell us your digital business goals, whether it’s increasing sales or enhancing reputation, and Clive Media will tailor a unique strategy for your business.

We provide everything you need to expand your online presence!

Our Objectives

We assist clients in understanding the rapidly changing digital landscape, maintaining and operating mainstream social media accounts, and meeting the multi-platform, multi-level marketing needs of overseas and domestic clients. Our goal is to collaborate closely with you and your team through our technical expertise, transforming your digital objectives into business growth and online success.

Our Expectations

We love what we do, and we only do what we love. We look forward to using our talents to enhance your brand equity, brand awareness, and brand influence.

We are not just another digital marketing agency — we are an extension of your business.

Our Team

Our team is composed of a group of passionate and creative individuals who are beneficiaries of the media communication era. They are professional creators with talents in marketing planning, media relations, design, photography, videography, post-production editing, and more.

The core of our team’s work is results-oriented, with a dedication to perfection in every project

Jane Li Jane Li

Jane Li



Eric Ye Eric Ye

Eric Ye

Operations Director

He graduated from Deakin University in 2018 with a master's degree and has worked in marketing operations for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies such as Bristol Myers Squibb and Pfizer. He believes that as information technology continues to evolve, any business needs to create innovative and inspiring online content to gain people's attention in order to achieve its digital business goals. Outside of work, he loves to travel and dig out the different places in people's daily lives.

Paula Tsai Paula Tsai

Paula Tsai

Video Production Director

She has experience in online and offline event planning and KOL brokerage in multiple industries. She loves the social media industry and is good at combining customer products with social media marketing to create maximum brand value. Outside of work, she is an iron girl who loves fitness and playing tennis.

Zishan Lai Zishan Lai

Zishan Lai

Video Editor

Graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor's degree in Animation and Interactive Media Design, She has strong experience in post-editing and film production. Also, she has a cheerful and generous personality, with a wild imagination, and brings a lot of creative ideas to clients, and constantly breaks through in the process of learning and working to bring better works to clients.

Michelle Xie Michelle Xie

Michelle Xie

Content Creator

Graduated from Melbourne University with a Master's degree in International Media Communication, she also participated in many copywriting events during her undergraduate studies. After graduation, she worked as a copywriter for an FMCG company, hence she is familiar with the major placement platforms and social media copywriting, and strives to provide the best quality and suitable copywriting content for clients, then brings huge social media revenue.