RED Marketing Service

Are you looking to become a RED influencer? Want to grow your presence on the RED app but aren’t sure where to start? Cultivating a business online is never easy, especially when you’re trying to grapple with a new platform. However, with the help of an experienced RED marketing specialist, you can expose your business to entirely new audiences whilst growing your online presence.

That’s where Clive Media comes in. As a Chinese marketing agency, we provide businesses in Australia with the support and assistance they need to succeed on the RED app.

Creating Content

Creative Content


When it comes to attracting new customers, content is always going to be the key. CLIVE will help you to create engaging content specifically catered to your target audience, allowing you to not only grow your audience but engage with them too.

Marketing Strategy Planning

Strategy & Planning


Any Chinese app offering social media, especially one as large as the RED app, is going to be highly competitive. So, CLIVE helps you develop and implement campaigns specifically created with the RED app platform in mind.

Multiculure Marketing

Multicultural Marketing


Bringing together specialists with experience in both the Australian and Chinese markets, CLIVE understands what is required for success when appealing to these two unique demographics beyond just the RED app.

Little Red Book Overview

Whilst not quite as well known globally as some of its Western contemporaries, the RED app has become a dominant force in China’s social media landscape. Started in 2014, the social shopping platform offers a perfect place for its over 100 million monthly active users to review and discover products, which has naturally led to many businesses seeing unprecedented success and exposure that would have otherwise been out of their grasp.

Whilst the idea of a platform based around online shopping is nothing new, the RED business model’s emphasis on e-commerce community content creation makes it quite unique within its field. It also allows for global businesses to get a foothold in the Chinese market, which has become a major goal of businesses around the world in recent years due in part to the size of their market.

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Influencer Campaigns

Want high-quality video creation for RED? Being a RED influencer/KOL offers near-limitless benefits both for your business and your personal brand. It allows you the chance to build a following, and let your voice be heard by an audience that comes to you for your reviews, picks and options. However, for those looking to go down this route, it can be exceedingly difficult to start building a core support base without the right tools. That’s why we offer influencers a range of options in terms of IP cultivation and content growth. From short-form videos to brokerage services, we allow you everything you need to start expanding your audience as a RED influencer.

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Content Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re trying to become a RED influencer/KOL or simply want to tap into the RED platform’s sizeable Chinese audience, CLIVE will provide you with a catered, personalised content marketing strategy that is suited to your goals. From developing parameters for your core audiences to curating high-quality content that blends the tone of that audience with the strengths and limitations of the platform, CLIVE’s content marketing specialists are dedicated to helping you improve your online presence.

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Advertising Strategy

Content marketing is an essential factor in your success online, but it’s not the only way to get eyes on your business. CLIVE also provides you with the preliminary market analysis and research needed to truly understand how to market to your audience whilst working within the RED business model. Identifying strengths and weaknesses, creating touchstones for advertising strategies to build upon, creating comprehensive overviews of your advertising history to help you understand the next steps in your journey; CLIVE’s advertising strategists take care of everything.

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