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TikTok Live is a feature on TikTok, that allows users to stream live to their followers in real-time. It’s a way for creators to engage with their audience, answer questions, showcase talents, or simply share their experiences as they happen. Viewers can interact with the live stream by buying TikTok Diamonds and sending virtual gifts, comments, and likes to creators.
Creators can then earn money from Live and also build a community with their fans. It adds a dynamic and interactive element to the TikTok experience and creates a sense of real-time connection between creators and their audience.

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How to make money on TikTok Live


Making money on TikTok Live involves engaging with your audience during live broadcasts and taking advantage of features that allow viewers to support you. Here are some ways to monetize TikTok Live: Virtual Gifts and Tips, Diamonds and Coins, TikTok Creator Fund, Promotional Opportunities, Fan Engagement, Offer Exclusive Content, Collaborate with Other Creators.

Remember to comply with TikTok’s policies and guidelines, and always create content that aligns with the platform’s community standards. Building a strong and engaged community on TikTok is key to maximizing your earnings through TikTok Live.

Who can be signed


We do have two separate groups see which one you belong to,

  • creator group – over 1000 followers, post 2 videos, live over 20 minutes
  • potential creator group – have an account with talent but less than 1000 followers; don’t have an account but with talent, interest in TikTok, and confidence to be a good influencer.

Why choose us

Sign up with us you will allow you to grow more followers, and more exposure, get more connections with others, and earn money directly. Because we have


  • Premium content creation company: We have been deeply involved in this field for many years and have helped many companies and individuals to successfully operate accounts and achieve transformation. For specific details, you can check our cases on the website.
  • Pre-account support: After you sign with us our professional team will provide step-by-step teaching, shooting, editing, content creation, and account creation services to you. You are not alone in this and we will help you to grow together. We can quickly help you to increase fans through good short video content, and creating high-quality videos is where our expertise lies.
  • Training: We will have experienced account operators to provide one-to-one training for each creator, including Live skill training and content guidance.
  • Gifts: We will help creators with good performance to get a boost on the account from TikTok, and good creators will also receive gifts from us (different gifts will be provided according to different levels).
  • Get more boosts: Only through TikTok’s official agency, the creators can get more boosts (higher traffic on the account).
  • Integrated design specialists: we are providing content guidance, as we know which content will be pushed by the platform and which will be blocked.
  • Community: We have big creator communities. By joining us, you can get better connections with other creators, create better content together and gain more fans through interaction.
  • Offline and online events: Online events include an exclusive TikTok online campaign that gets more money per diamond and arranges international and local battles for you, you can also participate in TikTok official offline events.
  • Brand cooperation opportunity: As we are an MCN company we have lots of company and brand cooperation on hand, if they need influencer promotion we will give the opportunity to our signed influencers first.
  • Account problems solved quickly: Our direct contact with TikTok head office can easily solve account problems for creators, such as the unfair block or login problem, etc.
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How to join us

  • Step 1:find the joining code.

Clive Media invites you to join our agency. To accept an invitation, get your invitation code by clicking [https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSL3JftGD/] 

OR go to TikTok > Settings and Privacy> Creator tools > LIVE Center > Agency Center. Copy the invitation code on your screen and share it with the agent.

  • Step 2:email us

Please email us your information by filling up the following table, we will contact you in 24 hours.


Invitation Code
Country (Australia OR New Zealand)
TikTok Username
Account Direction
Average Live Duration
Reson for to be an influencer (eg. for money/for fun/for dream)
Referrer Name (TikTok account name)

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