Find a good positioning, is the first step to successfully operate a Xiaohongshu account

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Xiaohongshu APP (the Little Red Book)

When it comes to Xiaohongshu, what is your first impression?


A social platform where everything can be found?

A gathering place for e-commerce and micro-businesses?

Or is it a community for young people to share their daily life of eating, drinking and playing?


It is undeniable that Xiaohongshu has a pivotal position in the Chinese new media operation and digital marketing industry nowadays. How to run a good Xiaohongshu account has become an important issue for many new media practitioners to consider.


Similar to other new media accounts, nowadays, there are countless similar media accounts on various popular social media platforms, and the relevant audiences have long been accustomed to various contents. Therefore, finding the right positioning and improving the relevance of the account to the target users is the key to run a Xiaohongshu account from scratch and ensure it stands out from the crowd of competitors.



When it comes to positioning, it does not sound complicated, in fact, it is simply three points: what is it? What does it do? What’s different?


So, what exactly is the role of positioning in the process of operating a Xiaohongshu account?



  • Establish the first impression of the account to the user

For a new account, accurate positioning can help users quickly understand whether they are the target user of the account.


  • Help users capture the distinctiveness of the account and drive each other’s attention

Accurate positioning can clarify the characteristics of an account, enhance the account’s own differentiation, make the platform and target audience recognize the account’s difference, and encourage users to pay attention.


  • Prepare for the subsequent content creation and realization

The ultimate goal of operating an account is to cash in on traffic, and cashing in requires certain content creation. Accurate positioning can help the operator to clarify the direction of creation and realization afterward.


  • Catering to the characteristics of the publishing platform, targeting the needs of the platform’s main audience to improve traffic

There are much social media today, and each platform has its own characteristics and target audience. Therefore, an accurate account positioning can help operators cater to the needs of the publishing platform and target specific audiences in order to attract more attention to the platform.



Understanding that positioning is so important to operate a Xiaohongshu account, many people may ask, what kind of positioning is successful?


In general, most positioning should pay attention to five points:


  • Focus on one area of expertise

Focus on a specific target user, rather than catering broadly to all users. Different user requirements can lead to a clutter of output content, making it impossible for users to find the focus and enhancing the impression of the account in their minds, thus making them abandon the account and stop paying attention.


  • To create valuable content and avoid ramming surplus

Run-of-the-mill content will not attract audiences. Imagine if you were a reader, would you like a book that is full of nonsense?

I don’t think so.

Therefore, positioning to ensure that the output content is valuable to users: can make users feel interesting, something to gain, so that users feel good, in order to ensure each other’s continued attention.


  • Continuous in-depth research to enhance the content professionalism

Just being reduced to the surface of the discussion is not only worthless but also will make users feel bored. A superficial, low-level, unoriginal content may attract some users at the beginning, but it is not conducive to the long-term development of the account. Only content that is constantly deepened will make the user’s eyes shine and feel surprised.


  • Ensure the differentiation of content, not to die out of the crowd

In fact, among the many Xiaohongshu accounts, the difference is the point that determines whether the account can be noticed by audiences. If there is no differentiation and characteristics, why should audiences pay attention to a brand new account?

Differences can be reflected and differentiated from many aspects such as content area, characteristics of IP or persona, content structure, expression, performance scenes, shooting methods, visual effects, etc. While ensuring the difference, keep launching dry content to attract more users and ensure user retention.

It is important to note that the difference is not set in stone, but constantly changes according to market changes. Since many accounts on social media will follow the trend of producing similar content, constant innovation in details is also an important point to ensure your differentiation.


  • Ensure stable updates to avoid losing users

The last point is the most important principle to ensure the retention of users. Without stable updates, not only will the impression of the account of users who have paid attention to the account decline, the platform itself will also reduce the weight of the account, the platform recommendation volume becomes low, and the chance of new users to notice the account also decreases.




After understanding the importance of positioning and following the considerations of positioning, you need to get down to business and do the content.Combine their own strengths and interests, to build on their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, to find the target audience,is the important basis for operating a small red book account.